Using cards as writing prompts

Have you ever used tarot or oracle cards as writing prompts?

I usually pick a card at the beginning of each day and prop it up on my desk as inspiration. I try to resist the temptation to look up the 'meaning' of the card in one of my collection of tarot guide books and instead to just write from whatever images and associations the card sparks for me in my imagination. (You can always look the card up later and see how much of the 'official' version your intuitive writing captured.) 

You may want to pick a card as a focus for a question that you have, or a problem that you're facing. You may want to 'ask the cards' about something that is bothering you or that you feel confused about. But if all that sounds much too quirky, you can just choose without any particular thought at all, spend some time looking at the image you've chosen and free write from there, without pausing or editing.

This can also be a fun way to involve children. My little one loves to 'pick a card' for me and this often starts a great conversation about the imagery, ideas and feelings that the card holds for each of us.

We love The Wild Unknown deck and I also really enjoy these oracle cards and also these.  I highly recommend Little Red Tarot for a  beautifully curated collection of inspiring cards. And I'm lusting after these.

But I'd also love to make my own deck. Little Red Tarot has a post about that here

If you haven't tried using cards in this way before, light a candle, make yourself a delicious cup of tea, pick a card, open your notebook and find out what happens...