Hello. I'm Sophie

I make things with words.

I'm a poet and the bestselling author of the novels The Dress, and Miss Mary’s Book of Dreams, which have now been translated into Italian, French, German, Polish and Bulgarian. My collection of poems, Refugee was inspired by work I did with the organisation Freedom from Torture.

However, my interest in writing is primarily about the transformative process that it can spark in our lives. I love nothing better than seeing people - whatever age they might be and in whatever circumstances they find themselves - revelling in sharing stories, shaping their feelings into words, (re)connecting with their creativity and enjoying the sheer pleasure of naming things.

Over the past twenty years, I've made writing with all kinds of wonderful people and in all kinds of settings. I have a doctorate in Creative Writing from the University of Sussex (2006) and I now teach creative writing at Teesside University, where I also research and publish on the connections between creative writing and wellbeing. This is my web page at Teesside University.

I live surrounded by books, paint, glitter pens and washi tape in North Yorkshire with my husband and daughter. I'm passionate about helping people to make things with words, especially when they don't think they can.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find lots of ideas to inspire you here. 

Please feel free to drop me an email at sophienicholls@gmail.com