I’m a writer.

I make things with words.

Here’s a (somewhat edited) version of my story:

Sophie Nicholls is the bestselling author of three novels, The DressMiss Mary’s Book of Dreams and Daughter of Glass (forthcoming, 2018) and the collection of poems RefugeeHer fiction regularly features in the Amazon bestseller lists and has now been translated into Italian, French, German, Polish and Bulgarian.

She teaches creative writing at Teesside University and researches and publishes on the connections between creative writing and wellbeing. This is her web page at Teesside.

Sophie lives in North Yorkshire with her husband and daughter.

Or you can read Female First’s ’10 things about me’ article.

Press and reviews:

‘Nicholls certainly knows how to craft a story, creating a delightful, uplifting novel that, while unashamedly romantic and feel-good, nevertheless ponders some deeper questions.’ Yvette Huddlestone, Yorkshire Post on The Dress. Read her full review here.

Taking control of the ghosts,‘ The Guardian, 2006 on Sophie’s former work online with the Write to Life group at Freedom from Torture.

Recent articles:

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